Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vino Love

About a week and half ago poor Roxy got an anal gland abscess and after we went to the vet she had to wear the Cone of Shame as most people call it.  She hated it but as usual per Alpha Mom sometimes you have to do things you don't want to fix something.  So on it stayed...for about six hours.  By then I was feeling sorry for her so I took it off.  Now this is something as a former vet tech I would NEVER advise (I don't know how many times owners took it off just to bring them back with something worse and they have to wear it even longer!).  However, my dog is amazing and didn't even bother the area, I'm sure it had nothing to do with the steroid injection she was given (wink, wink).  Now it's all healed up so I was able to give her a much needed bath.  
In other news, Truman and I headed down to Sonoita to visit a few vineyards with a couple of our friends this weekend.  It had been much too long since we had taken a trip down there and we picked the PERFECT day to do it.  We drove down in Johanna's convertible and there was a monsoon moving in!  It was one of the nicest days ever and made me so happy I live in Arizona.  We visited Keif-Joshua who was having a party for his grandmother who had turned 94.  The wine was great and the food was delicious!!  We went up to Sonoita Vineyards for a drink and then visited Hops and Vines.  The last one was a new one and it was simply fantastic!.  They were so much fun and gave you different kinds of chips for each wine.  We tried their signature cocktail and their goat cheese plate.  It was HEAVENLY and I normally do not like goat cheese!  Enjoy the photos and maybe tomorrow I'll post some finished journal pages and maybe even a scrapbook layout. we'll see how far I get tonight.

Poor, sad Roxy

See they can sleep in them

On the way to the vineyards

Another view of the monsoon

At Keif-Joshua enjoying the thunderstorm

Hops and Vines and friends

Put a coin in the hole ;-)

Goat cheese heaven! Who knew?!

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  1. That first picture of Roxy makes her look like a puppy again.