Friday, January 31, 2014

A lot of crafting and not much New York packing

Hey all!  I've been crafting a lot as I said in my last post, including trying to get a few projects done for the Etsy shop before I send out the swap items.  I only have a couple of things done and yes I've allowed myself to get distracted with trying to actually scrapbook again.  I haven't quite finished the page yet but I hope to before I go to New York next week so I can post one more time.  I feel very unprepared for my trip, however I'm likely more prepared than I think considering the shopping I've done for it :-)   I also just received my Gelli Gel Printing plate in the mail the other day and couldn't resist putting off laundry to play with it!  At the very least I'll post those pictures before I leave.
Although I am behind in my Journal 52 project I'm still inspired.  I am having trouble actually deciding on designs because of all the inspiration that's flowing (not a bad problem to have).  I sadly don't think I'll get to this or next weeks prompt until I return from New York but I can share the prompt from last week.  It was a page based on a song "You Make Me Smile" by Kyle Andrews.  I had so much fun using a retired Stampin'Up punch as a stencil and on the page after I was done.  I made my own spray paints and used an old envelope that I didn't use in the swap.  I made a little tag with a list of all the things that make me smile and also used molding paste with paint and a stencil.  I loved the punch so much that my friend (who I was borrowing it from) found one somewhere online and got me one! Very excited!
And just because I'm sharing a picture of my cat Tristan.  He loves to lay on my lap and when I am watching my friends 4 month old he gets deprived.  He was so desperate he laid on me even though the dog was there...very rare.  Anyway I must be off to do some laundry and prepare for Chinese New Year dinner.

One of the notebooks for my Etsy shop.  I bound it and added the beads too.

Pardon my finger, it didn't want to stay flat

What makes me smile art journal page


A little file folder I made for my scrapbook layout, inspired by my sister

Tristans lap desperation :-)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Time to Swap!

This last week I've been trying to finish up the birthday presents I've been making for my cousin before I meet her in New York.  I'll have to post those pictures after her birthday so you'll have to wait until February for that ;-) Now many of you might know that my sister, Scrapbook and Crafter Extraordinaire has been doing craft swaps for quite a few years now.  I've never had the time or guts to sign up for one.  Don't ask me why but it seemed intimidating.  However I just signed up for my first one and my sister, being the amazing girl she is, signed up with me so I don't have to do it alone.  Though we are in different groups we will still each be sending each other one of what we made.  We have to put our screen name in each item so the person knows who made it and it was just easier to put in my business card, which got me thinking... I've completely slacked on my Etsy shop.  The shop and the blog address is on the cards!  SO I've decided I need to make a few projects to get on my shop so if anyone looks at it I'm not the most pathetic person alive.  I'll post pictures of these projects as I go and let you know when they are in the shop.  I'm also still doing the 52 Weeks art journal project.  I'm already behind of course but I got week two done and will post those pics here too.  Here's to more art and crafting...I'm thinking another swap...

My sister did a wine cork swap and sent me one!
The projects I made for the swap
A close up

Week Two: "Somewhere A Simple Place"
Just a quote that fit my happy place

A description of my happy place
Close up of some details

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Into the New Year we go

Somehow I manage to always have some craft project I feel I have to do because I am blessed with so many friends and family and things to do.  This is not a bad thing but since I am not good at organization I tend to overwhelm myself with my own expectations.  I would say this is something to work on in the new year but I also know that this is just me and I'll always be this way.  It really isn't a bad thing that I have so many ideas so I'll run with them the best I can and just be behind schedule all the time :-)  My sister just celebrated her birthday and my grand plan had been to make her a Listography of my own but with the holidays time ran out so I just ordered her one instead.  I put a few other goodies in but I did manage to handmake the card with an old stamp set!  The other night I decided to take a break in my projects for everyone else and work on one for myself.  I signed up to get free art journal prompts for every week this year and post them on a special group on Facebook.  It's called Journal52 for anyone interested.  I finished the first week just under the wire so I'll share that here too.  I hope to be able to keep up with that because it's so nice to be able to just get messy.  Here's hoping your week is productive and fun.

My sisters card

close up

The journal prompt was Up, Up, and Away

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Hangover?!

Not really.  I love the holidays, the few days following January 1st...not so much.  The holidays were great and I had a lot of fun with friends and family.  There were a few gatherings, a night at the theatre, and strolling through Christmas lights.  I have since taken down the Christmas tree and the stockings (sad) but have yet to tackle the lights outside or some of the remaining indoor decor.  Trying to organize it before I put them away as to not recreate the chaos of the junkroom isn't making anything go quickly.  At least I'll blame it on that and not lack of drive to do anything useful (guess that won't be a New Years resolution).  Over the holidays I did quite a few projects as presents (though not Christmas cards, who do you think I am Martha Stewart?) and now that the recipients have seen them I can share them with you!  It was very nice to use some older products from my stash.  As every good hoarder knows it makes you feel much better when you bring in lots of new goodies! The beads I made from cardstock, glue, diamond glaze, and crystal effects.  I watched a video from Jennibellie on YouTube and knew my sister could appreciate them.  The canvases came out better than expected.  I had never attempted anything like them but since it was like art journaling I really enjoyed doing them.
So now that the holidays are over I should have tons of time to do whatever crafting I'd like, right?  Well not exactly.  I'm a very lucky girl and I have a lot coming up in this new year and for this first month it involves a few projects that I'm doing as gifts.  Once I give them to these special people I will be sure to share them with you.  Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and that your new year is filled with happiness and health!

Using old products, yay!

One of the pages

Okay so the pic is upside down but a little photo book for my sister in law

Again upside down but you pull out the tabs to see the pics

Stamped washi tape for my sister (Stampin'Up set)

The bead making process

Finished product!  I loved this idea

Mama's gift

Daddy and Cristina's gift

The flappers and I at our annual Gaslight Christmas Theatre

Christmas lights

Party with friends and we brought Roxy too!