Tuesday, July 30, 2013


That is what I have been doing and will be doing for the next few days.  My business launch is this weekend and I'm very nervous so I'm cleaning everything in an attempt to not look like a slob and keep my mind off of the nerves.  So sadly I have no exciting news or pics but today is my nephews 18th birthday and I would be remiss if I didn't say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!"  I seriously can't believe he's 18 and that is another reason to clean, to keep my mind off of the passing of time, though these new products I sell are making my skin look younger.  Well I'm off to continue the cleaning rage and perhaps a glass of wine...

Well I had to have one picture.  Roxy enjoying one of our few walks since the cloudy day was keeping it cool

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little bit of scrapbooking

This weekend I was able to make time to actually scrapbook!  What that means is that my space was sufficiently clean enough so that I could concentrate.  That was a feat in itself and it is now well on its way to being chaos again.  However I thought I would share the layout I accomplished.  This evening I shall be getting to see some out of town family and enjoying a delicious dinner at Zinburger.  So I am off to finish up chores (meaning I probably shouldn't restart the dryer for the fourth time and just fold the clothes).

Finished product

I used some of the hotel brochure

Mr. Tristan enjoying a new spot on my desk (At least it's out of my way)

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have not accomplished much of anything I had set out to do this week.  All that really means is that I'm going to have to kick it into high gear this week to prepare for the business launch that is soon to be here.  I hate leaving things until the last minute but the clock is ticking!  I have gotten to spend some time with various friends lately and have been completely enjoying the monsoon so my time was not wasted.  Well I should be off to start the long list but I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and hope that the week to come is a good one.
One of my recent art journal pages

Hanging out at Union

Happy birthday Guy! This was at La Cocina

Thunder clouds

The mountains nearby after a storm

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Monday!

This weekend was filled with making invites for my business launch, a birthday party for one very cute 3 year old and lunch with friends.  Truman can certainly not say that he didn't have stuff to do this weekend!  It's Monday and I'm feeling VERY lazy though I have tons to get done.  So I'll share a photo of the handmade invites that I did this weekend for my Big Business Launch in August and hope to get to making a dream board...after I finish laundry.  I did stop for lunch at Rancho Del Lago today and a very nice stranger, who is named Lou, randomly bought my lunch today!  Just wanted to share that since it made me remember how many generous people there are in the world because sometimes it's east to forget.  So thank you Lou, my lunch was delicious!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sorry folks, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I almost forgot about my blog until my good friend reminded me about it (thanks Ally-B I forget not everyone has Facebook)!  I was taking care of my Daddy's animals over the Fourth and then saying a final good bye to my sister and the kids (insert tear here) so I haven't done much creatively.  I've also spent a bit of time with the Rodan + Fields business which I must say, my skin is looking great after only two weeks and I am impressed!  I highly recommend this stuff!  I mean even my husband complimented my skin today which I don't think he's ever done.  Anyway....here's a few pictures of my final goodbye to my sister and an art page I did while at my dad's.  It's beginner since I just wanted to play with a stencil and spray ink but I'm excited to make more art.  Hope your holiday was amazing and I promise to not forget about this blog again!

Love my nieces!

Truman was sad to see them leave too

Miss you already!

16 years ago on the Fourth of July I met this cute guy...

Messy but fun!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Scrapbook Bliss

So I'm back from my weekend scrapbook retreat and I'm sad...because I'm not still there!  I feel like I haven't scrapped for me in a bit and it was SO nice to have unlimited time and no interruptions to focus and scrapbook!  Not to mention hanging out with friends, new and old! I'm feeling re-inspired and oh yeah, I finished 9 pages, which happens to be a lot for me.  So here's a few photos to enjoy while I go unpack.
Our goodies from the hosts!

First layout finished!

One of the many tables in the ballroom that we worked at

Inspired!  And yes, Jeremy Renner is my muse!  Can you blame me?!

Saturday night and going till 3 a.m.

But I still love my husband best!

My final layout of the weekend