Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sorry folks, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I almost forgot about my blog until my good friend reminded me about it (thanks Ally-B I forget not everyone has Facebook)!  I was taking care of my Daddy's animals over the Fourth and then saying a final good bye to my sister and the kids (insert tear here) so I haven't done much creatively.  I've also spent a bit of time with the Rodan + Fields business which I must say, my skin is looking great after only two weeks and I am impressed!  I highly recommend this stuff!  I mean even my husband complimented my skin today which I don't think he's ever done.'s a few pictures of my final goodbye to my sister and an art page I did while at my dad's.  It's beginner since I just wanted to play with a stencil and spray ink but I'm excited to make more art.  Hope your holiday was amazing and I promise to not forget about this blog again!

Love my nieces!

Truman was sad to see them leave too

Miss you already!

16 years ago on the Fourth of July I met this cute guy...

Messy but fun!

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