Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little bit of scrapbooking

This weekend I was able to make time to actually scrapbook!  What that means is that my space was sufficiently clean enough so that I could concentrate.  That was a feat in itself and it is now well on its way to being chaos again.  However I thought I would share the layout I accomplished.  This evening I shall be getting to see some out of town family and enjoying a delicious dinner at Zinburger.  So I am off to finish up chores (meaning I probably shouldn't restart the dryer for the fourth time and just fold the clothes).

Finished product

I used some of the hotel brochure

Mr. Tristan enjoying a new spot on my desk (At least it's out of my way)

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  1. Wow! Wonder if Stampin' Up knows about this other great use for it's boxes?