Monday, February 16, 2015

Secret Sister Love

I received my my secret sister cupid package the day before Valentines Day and considering how I managed to get sick, I'm glad I had something to look forward too.  It was a fabulous package full of all sorts of goodies including some Tim Holtz products which are my favorite!  I'll also share the homemade items I made for my secret sister although I'm not sure she has opened it yet.  I've already signed up for my next secret sister swap so keep an eye out for those pics too.  In other news I decided to transition my hair back to blonde and made a last minute decision to chop it off which luckily turned out okay.  Truman and I are also planning a trip back to Oklahoma soon.  Well he's going for work but I'm going to see family so I'm super excited for that.  Well back to scrapping for me!

My goodies from my Cupid Secret Sister

Close up, flowers and wood veneer!

Such a beautiful card

The handmade items I made for my secret sister

The altered coffee cup I filled with candy

Top view

Close up

I was using my gelli plate to art journal

The new cut and transition color, it looks more blond than it is :-)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Reorganization Inspiration

So the past couple of weeks, after I finished my Cupid Secret Sister swap package which I will post once I receive my package), I became a little obsessed with watching scrap room tours on YouTube.  So I've been cleaning up, moving things around, and altering items I can use as storage so as to save money.  I am coveting the rolling cart from IKEA which I swear I will get soon but until then...  All the rearranging has made my work space so much easier to use and I even accomplished some actual scrapbook pages!  I know it's insane!  So I will share my progress and when I get that cart I will be posting about that amazingness!  Not to mention my weekend ended with a bang with The Patriots Superbowl win!!!!

New work area actually being utilized!

A new way to store my paints for art journaling

I have room to grow and it opened up a basket and a shelf for other items!

Trying out a new way to store punches.  Might need to get a shoe rack like the paint one for larger punches.

This is the before, I altered it and now I can use my broken drawer space

I've been using these for years, time to make them match


I altered this lunch box and it's where I store my embossing folders and some metal die cuts

First finished page of three in the last week or so!

Number 2

I just finished this on Friday night

Superbowl spread! Go Pats!!