Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holiday Aftermath Part Two

So the projects and crafts....there were a ton! I received pocket letters galore! I got a few from my sister for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I also received a couple holiday ons from my new friend Shauna. We decided to start again in January trying something a little different which I'll share next time.  They were all beautiful as usual. I also did a number of pocket letters for the both of them. I also was a part of PL swaps that were themed and of course couldn't resist signing up for a couple new ones for this coming year. I also made Halloween ATCs and special ornament spoons as gifts for friends and family. I had a lot of fun with that and hope to do more of them. The secret sister swaps I did were also a lot of fun. I did a little bit of art journaling in Mexico over Thanksgiving and used seashells and palm tree bark I had collected from the beach. I hope to do more of that as this new year begins and I hope to share it with everyone. Enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year!
Halloween PL I made
PL I made for Shauna
PL I received from Shauna
PL from my sister
PL from Shauna
PL I made for my sister
Special wrapping
PL I made for Shauna before I cut it up
Themed PL I made for swap
Mexico art journaling spread
Spoon ornaments
PL I made for my sister
PL she made for me!!!
Blue/winter themed PL I made
Fantasy paperclip PL I made
Paperclips to match pockets

Holiday Aftermath Part One

Wow! Two months since I blogged! I guess I'll just pick up where I left off. There have been a ton of celebrations. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to be exact. I had a ton of fun during all the holidays spending them with family and food. I won't go back and relive them all but I will post pictures. Truman and I spent Thanksgiving in Mexico with his family. The beach and a sister in law that loves to cook equalled a VERY relaxed holiday. I got stung by a jellyfish but I didn't let that ruin my vacation. I got to see my cousin and his fiance over Christmas and then there was a very fun 1950's themed housewarming/New Years Eve party at my cousins new home. It really was a great holiday season. There was a lot of crafting over this time but I'll post that in the next post. Too many pictures for one post since I'm so behind!

Halloween fun

Mexico Thanksgiving

One of my favorite ornaments

New Years fun

New Years with my cousin