Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holiday Aftermath Part Two

So the projects and crafts....there were a ton! I received pocket letters galore! I got a few from my sister for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I also received a couple holiday ons from my new friend Shauna. We decided to start again in January trying something a little different which I'll share next time.  They were all beautiful as usual. I also did a number of pocket letters for the both of them. I also was a part of PL swaps that were themed and of course couldn't resist signing up for a couple new ones for this coming year. I also made Halloween ATCs and special ornament spoons as gifts for friends and family. I had a lot of fun with that and hope to do more of them. The secret sister swaps I did were also a lot of fun. I did a little bit of art journaling in Mexico over Thanksgiving and used seashells and palm tree bark I had collected from the beach. I hope to do more of that as this new year begins and I hope to share it with everyone. Enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year!
Halloween PL I made
PL I made for Shauna
PL I received from Shauna
PL from my sister
PL from Shauna
PL I made for my sister
Special wrapping
PL I made for Shauna before I cut it up
Themed PL I made for swap
Mexico art journaling spread
Spoon ornaments
PL I made for my sister
PL she made for me!!!
Blue/winter themed PL I made
Fantasy paperclip PL I made
Paperclips to match pockets

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