Friday, January 31, 2014

A lot of crafting and not much New York packing

Hey all!  I've been crafting a lot as I said in my last post, including trying to get a few projects done for the Etsy shop before I send out the swap items.  I only have a couple of things done and yes I've allowed myself to get distracted with trying to actually scrapbook again.  I haven't quite finished the page yet but I hope to before I go to New York next week so I can post one more time.  I feel very unprepared for my trip, however I'm likely more prepared than I think considering the shopping I've done for it :-)   I also just received my Gelli Gel Printing plate in the mail the other day and couldn't resist putting off laundry to play with it!  At the very least I'll post those pictures before I leave.
Although I am behind in my Journal 52 project I'm still inspired.  I am having trouble actually deciding on designs because of all the inspiration that's flowing (not a bad problem to have).  I sadly don't think I'll get to this or next weeks prompt until I return from New York but I can share the prompt from last week.  It was a page based on a song "You Make Me Smile" by Kyle Andrews.  I had so much fun using a retired Stampin'Up punch as a stencil and on the page after I was done.  I made my own spray paints and used an old envelope that I didn't use in the swap.  I made a little tag with a list of all the things that make me smile and also used molding paste with paint and a stencil.  I loved the punch so much that my friend (who I was borrowing it from) found one somewhere online and got me one! Very excited!
And just because I'm sharing a picture of my cat Tristan.  He loves to lay on my lap and when I am watching my friends 4 month old he gets deprived.  He was so desperate he laid on me even though the dog was there...very rare.  Anyway I must be off to do some laundry and prepare for Chinese New Year dinner.

One of the notebooks for my Etsy shop.  I bound it and added the beads too.

Pardon my finger, it didn't want to stay flat

What makes me smile art journal page


A little file folder I made for my scrapbook layout, inspired by my sister

Tristans lap desperation :-)

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