Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Into the New Year we go

Somehow I manage to always have some craft project I feel I have to do because I am blessed with so many friends and family and things to do.  This is not a bad thing but since I am not good at organization I tend to overwhelm myself with my own expectations.  I would say this is something to work on in the new year but I also know that this is just me and I'll always be this way.  It really isn't a bad thing that I have so many ideas so I'll run with them the best I can and just be behind schedule all the time :-)  My sister just celebrated her birthday and my grand plan had been to make her a Listography of my own but with the holidays time ran out so I just ordered her one instead.  I put a few other goodies in but I did manage to handmake the card with an old stamp set!  The other night I decided to take a break in my projects for everyone else and work on one for myself.  I signed up to get free art journal prompts for every week this year and post them on a special group on Facebook.  It's called Journal52 for anyone interested.  I finished the first week just under the wire so I'll share that here too.  I hope to be able to keep up with that because it's so nice to be able to just get messy.  Here's hoping your week is productive and fun.

My sisters card

close up

The journal prompt was Up, Up, and Away

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