Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crazy week?!

I guess I was hoping that I wouldn't have anymore bad Mondays since I'm not technically working outside the home.  What I have discovered is that the sheer inept, self-rightoues attitude of people (especially when they are supposed to be professionals) still has the potential to ruin my day.  But I'm choosing to breathe and ignore it as much as possible (I still have to get what I need from these people, but whatever).  So in that light I decided I should probably post some pictures of the fun that was had last week.  Myself, Jen, Lizbeth, Kirstin and Flat Kelly went to the Willie Nelson concert and as usual he rocked the house!  I also played a trick on Truman which sadly he didn't understand was a joke but I had a laugh regardless!  Hope your week is better than mine.  Cheers!
The pre-concert happy hour

Not the best pic but we wanted a pic with our hats!  It was too windy to wear them inside.

Jen, myself, K, and Flat Kelly

Original fans with the newest member of the club!  Baby M's first concert!

Gotta love the boots

My Flappers!

Waiting for Willie

Still waiting

I thought it was pretty funny!

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  1. I don't understand the Willie love myself but you girls look like you had fun. Should I send more post it notes? Looks like you might be running low.