Monday, August 12, 2013

One Crazy Weekend!

I'm really glad that I have the sister I have because she reminded me that I had not posted much on my blog lately.  Honestly I had forgotten all about it!  There was so much going on this weekend.  It started off by a happy hour to meet some of Trumans new coworkers on Friday.  Then on Saturday was my friend, Lizbeths, baby shower and then off to La Paloma resort for another friends birthday celebration. It was a lot of fun but the week was filled with preparation.  I stole my sisters idea to create paper poms to hang from the ceiling for the shower and I made a diaper cake as well.  On Thursday I was at my cousins house until 2am making the beautiful board for the wall and a homemade table runner. Totally worth it for the fun we had and how pretty it all came out!  Enjoy the pics and I'm back to reality with a TON of laundry.

The finished diaper cake and special cards

The set up with the homemade board and poms

Jen and I in front of our masterpiece

The pretty mama to be

K and I enjoying the shower

Some of my flappers


  1. Super cute!! I love how it all turned out. That shiny grey tissue was the perfect pop to the poms. You girls are ridiculously talented and beautiful!