Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day, Tailgating, and Football

Sorry everyone!  It's been a bit since my last post because it's been a bit busy around here and honestly I'm not always motivated to do creative things, other than Pinterest that is.  We had a great Labor Day weekend.  Truman went out to the tailgate and U of A football game to watch our grand defeat of NAU and then the next day headed up to Phoenix to watch a Diamondbacks game.  I stayed in town and went to a friends birthday pool party which was a blast.  Then on Sunday Truman and I got to hang out with my cousin and her family and friends for a great dinner with Bobby Flay burgers.  On Monday we had some friends over for a BBQ.  Trumans skills as a grill master are very impressive and it makes me never want to cook again (not that I love cooking anyway).  then this week was full of work, getting new tires on my truck (sigh), and relaxing to watch the opening weekend of football.  It was more enjoyable for me than Truman however since my team (The Patriots) won and his (The Raiders) did not.  I think he's used to that.  Sadly I took no pictures of any of these festivities because I had no motivation to go upstairs and get my camera.  However I will post some pictures from my art journal these past few weeks and I'll really try to get better at taking more pics as the deliciousness of Fall approaches!

Just loved the picture and wanted to smear red paint on and use old scraps of paper

I mod-podged pieces of lace on

Once again I just loved the background paper and wanted to use some old alphabet stickers

I tried using gel medium to scrunch on tissue paper then used watercolors

Just another close up

Our Red Army picture from the newspaper

I was SO excited to try molding paste with a stencil! Loved how it came out!

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