Monday, February 2, 2015

Reorganization Inspiration

So the past couple of weeks, after I finished my Cupid Secret Sister swap package which I will post once I receive my package), I became a little obsessed with watching scrap room tours on YouTube.  So I've been cleaning up, moving things around, and altering items I can use as storage so as to save money.  I am coveting the rolling cart from IKEA which I swear I will get soon but until then...  All the rearranging has made my work space so much easier to use and I even accomplished some actual scrapbook pages!  I know it's insane!  So I will share my progress and when I get that cart I will be posting about that amazingness!  Not to mention my weekend ended with a bang with The Patriots Superbowl win!!!!

New work area actually being utilized!

A new way to store my paints for art journaling

I have room to grow and it opened up a basket and a shelf for other items!

Trying out a new way to store punches.  Might need to get a shoe rack like the paint one for larger punches.

This is the before, I altered it and now I can use my broken drawer space

I've been using these for years, time to make them match


I altered this lunch box and it's where I store my embossing folders and some metal die cuts

First finished page of three in the last week or so!

Number 2

I just finished this on Friday night

Superbowl spread! Go Pats!!

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  1. Love the altered boxes as your drawers, space is looking great. Also love the desert reflected in your monitor - heart where we live!