Sunday, January 11, 2015

Long Distance Birthday Love

           Today is my sisters birthday!!!  Sadly we live in different states but I was able to make her a few prezzies to send so I felt like I was there.  I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning that isn't anywhere near done but it feels good to be getting rid of extra stuff.  I also have had a chance to finish a few art projects I started a long time ago.  I had cut down one of Truman's old scotch containers to hold my paintbrushes and I finally got around to altering it to match my studio, or the idea I have of my studio anyway.  Then I was inspired to finish an art journal page I started over a year ago!  Binge watching all those art journal videos on YouTube is paying off for inspiration.
           Now that the holidays are over I was sad to not be getting anymore packages, who isn't?!  So I decided to fix that problem by signing up for a Valentine's Day secret sister swap.  I'm having fun with my homemade item and I already did too much shopping for her of course!  Not much else happening here but I thought a quick post with pictures might be nice.  Happy birthday Melanie!!!!

The Notebook and pen I made for my sister

Altered scotch container

Finally finished journal spread

Page 1

Page 2

Close up

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  1. Thanks again for the beautiful journal/pen and magnet on my birthday card! I am also super excited for the paper trimmer and ribbon/button goodies that are on the way. I have the best sister in the land!!! I noticed that brush holder while we were vid chatting the other day but thought I had just missed it before. It's awesome.