Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Birthday/Halloween Aftermath

It's been a crazy month and I can't believe it's already November!  My father-in-law's memorial went very well and I got the project done just in time.  This month was filled with anniversary and birthday fun which I wasn't expecting but it was SO fabulous!  For our anniversary Truman and I took it easy and just went to our usual Red Army tailgate and then the fancy seats at the game.  It was an extended fun time starting the day before my actual birthday when I went to treat myself to lunch and use the giftcard my daddy and stepmom gave me.  Actually it started a few days before that when I had a wine and cheese lunch with them and saw my mom (loved her gift!).  Then on my actual birthday the University of Arizona basketball players came to my mother-in-laws house to deliver my father-in-laws season tickets.  My hubby had actually set up a tailgate and the players were SO nice and even sang happy birthday to me!!!  After going out to my local dive bar that night I slept in and then my husband got my truck washed and took me to a yummy dinner (sushi!) and I got to pick out a necklace at Tiffanys. To round out the weekend we drove down to Tombstone for some ole west fun and drinks!  A couple of friends went with us and got me an amazing cowboy hat, which I've been wanting forever!!  Halloween was pretty uneventful but we did hang out at a friends house and Truman actually dressed up for work.  Silly boy, I LOVE it!  So now I can hopefully unpack and get going on some more art journaling and scrapbooking, oh wait now it's time to start thinking about Christmas!

The memory board I did for my father-in-laws memorial

Happy anniversary! 6 years married, 17 together!

I love the free food in the fancy seats! No cooking on  our anniversary!

Some of my favorite tailgating girls!

Sorry it's blurry, the newspaper didn't send a very good pic but a player fell in love with Roxy!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
The hubby, Gabe York (who loved Roxy!), and myself

Who doesn't love this little blue box?!?!?

Thanks Jake and Ally-B for the perfect hat!!

Having fun in Tombstone with some locals (sorry you're blurry Ally-B!)

Tombstone wine tasting, so good!  Where else can you get a sparkling wine named Earp?!

My love and I enjoying the Old West

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  1. The memorial board turned out beautifully!! What a wonderful tribute to a great guy. I also think I NEED the plaid shirt you wore to Tombstone!! Roxy's smile in the picture of you, Truman, and Gabe is just the BEST!!!!