Friday, October 10, 2014

Post Retreat Blues

So the retreat has come and gone and I have to say I could have used another day with all my girls!  Especially since I got my all time low done...three pages!!! I'm a little horrified with myself but at least I enjoyed all the amazing company.  It was SO nice to spend time with my sister!  She helped me cook some good food and helped support me when my phone broke (believe me it was a tragedy!).  I'm hoping that at some point soon I'll start scrapbooking all the pages I didn't get to since I'm so much more inspired again.  However I know myself well enough that I will need to get past some more pressing projects before I can even unpack my stash and scrapbook again.  Here's hoping that part comes along sooner!

The "junk journals" I received

The scrapbooking goodies my sister and I put together for the girls

Just arrived and holding my box full of goodies and the amazing mat they gave us!

My workspace

Some of my girls and I preparing to take a shot out of mini solo cups (Thanks Angela!)

Sometimes there's a lot of ribbon...

...and sometimes you run out of alcohol (or maybe just the first bottle ;-)  )

More fun times (notice we are also holding the letters to throw at someone when we need their help!)
My phone before it was fixed (see a tragedy!!!!)

Some of the goodies we received and the class project I made!


  1. So I actually sat down to CREATE something wonderfully craft*full when the house was calm last night and instead found myself fiddling around on the computer. Shocker! Love the retreat post and all the pics, going to use it as inspiration. If only I had someone to throw my letter J at...

  2. I feel your post retreat slump. I managed to finish 2 of the pages I started on the last day but could really use my girls for motivation. I'm throwing my letter M at all of you girls in spirit. Can't wait to see what you decide to tackle first.