Sunday, September 21, 2014


Again I'm sorry about how long it's been since my last post.  Football season has started as well as finishing up swaps and baby shower projects.  My friend's shower went off without a hitch and she enjoyed it.  I finished the secret sister swap and junk journal swap as well.  I received my secret sister swap and expect to get the journal swap any day now.  It's been a little crazy because my father in law passed away suddenly last Thursday (clearly September 11th is determined to be an awful day).  Although its added a few things to the schedule it has also put things into perspective.  Time is something that can paralyze you (so much to do so little time!) or empower you.  We don't always have as much time as we think so we should spend it doing things we love and that really matter, and spend it with people we love the most.  On that note I'm very excited about my sister coming to visit next week and then getting to do a scrapbooking retreat with her, my cousin and another good friend of mine!  So what I need to do now is prep my plethora of products for this upcoming retreat so I can enjoy every second of my sisters visit!

The handmade project I made for my secret sister

What my secret sister sent me!

She made me the cutest paper bag album

The decoration I made for my friends baby shower

More homemade decoration

The first home game

The tailgate pass was the final gift from my father in law


Tailgate fun with great friends


  1. Lots of pretty items. Those U of A seats look fabulous and comfy. Can't wait for my visit either.

  2. Nice pictures Steph! I really like the Fall project that you did- may have to "borrow" that idea sometime :P