Monday, August 18, 2014

Post Vacation Blues

So I'm back from California. I had so much fun in Disneyland and California Adventure that I'm sad to  not be there. But I suppose that's what happens when you leave the happiest place on earth. The World of Color show was amazing and totally worth the wait! Of course I cried my eyes out when the Aladdin parts were on, but it seemed a fitting farewell to the amazing Robin Williams. Truman and I attended our 29th wedding (or maybe it was 30th, I've clearly lost count) and had a wonderful time.  They had a fun photo booth, caricature artists and great music.  It was in Beverly Hills so it was kinda cool to see all the fancy cars and Rodeo Drive. On our way back to LAX we were on the shuttle with not just one but TWO Emmy award winners. They won for The Colbert Report and Sherlock.  They were very kind to let others look at and hold the awards (including Truman).  I really thought it was fake at first since I had completely forgotten that the show had happened but clearly I was very wrong.
Right before we left for vacation our poor Roxy herniated a disc in her back!  Luckily we had enough time to treat her properly and she was able to go to Papa and Nana Cris' house and had a great time.  We also had a birthday party to attend which was fantastic as a monsoon blew in at dinner and gave us a great view of the lighting storm. So now that I'm back I need to get on with all my art projects and swaps.  I have finished most of the items for my friends upcoming baby shower but am still working on the junk journals.  In the meantime I will share with you some items I made for a swap quite some time ago.  I finally received my package so I figured it was okay to share them now.  I have done hardly no art journaling and my scrap studio is a mess.  Here's hoping I can finish these last couple of projects and get things organized before the October retreat!

One of Tucson's monsoon storms


We rode the new Star Tours three times and saw three of the four stories

I LOVE Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel was great!

Fun in the photo booth

More fun!
Truman holding the Sherlock Emmy with the actual winners in the background
One more picture from the wedding

The baby shower invite

Altered spoons that I made for the swap

Altered chip clips 

The goodies I received from the swap

On one set of clips I did
different papers

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