Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Heat Equals Laziness?

I didn't realize how long its been since my last post!  Since that post I have received some fun mail, i.e. the secret sister matchbox swap.  As it turns out one of my secret sisters was my very own sister!  To say the least that set of two mini matchboxes was AMAZING!!!!  I loved what my other secret sister did too.  I have signed up for another secret sister swap that has to do with creating monogramed items.  I love a monogram and have lots of ideas for items but my inspiration is slow in coming for how to alter the items.  Luckily I have one swap finished and ready to send but two more including the monogram one) are due at the start of July and I'm having a lull in creativity something fierce!  I'm going to blame it on the heat...yeah thats it...the heat!  well heres hoping my inspiration returns soon but heres some pictures to enjoy in the meantime.

Another Journal 52 entry (subject: what did you want to be when you grew up)

Close up
The two mini matchboxes my sister made me!

Books was one theme I chose

Jeremy Renner was the other!

I was seriously giddy opening this! Obsession...yes!

My other secret sister did a little set of drawers (so cute)... vintage with lots of little things included!

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