Thursday, July 3, 2014

Busy Life and Crazy Swaps

It's been a month since my last post and I apologize.  It's been really hot here and I've had no inspiration  or desire to do much.  However there's nothing like a deadline to get you going!  So I finished the movie card/tag swap and mailed it out and I only have one more item on the monogram secret sister swap to finish.  I was feeling so confident I signed up for a mini junk album swap too!  I'm crazy, I know.  There were a few fun things happening like Beer and Bacon Fest and I got my hair updated too.  Then the not so fun things.  I've been helping my mom move and getting ready to help my dad when he goes to visit my sister (jealous!!!).  I'm ready for the monsoon to start already so that I can enjoy the Fourth of July and crafting a bit.  Well anyway, hope your Independence Day is grand and hopefully I ll have something more to show you next week.  Cheers!

Pirates of the Caribbean tags

The special one I made for my sister

The Pirates of the Caribbean cards

The Empire Records cards (I was trying to make them look like records)

The Empire Records tags (I just love the fun fibers and ribbons)

The special tag I made for my sister (I knew only she would get the quote and quarter reference)

One of the items I made for the secret sister swap (more to come)

In the dugout at Baconfest!  So good!

Spruced up hair!!

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