Monday, May 19, 2014

Matchbox Magic

Swaps...that's what I've been doing lately.  I've had nights of great inspiration in which I actually get really far in completing these swap projects.  The next swap due is an altered mini matchbox of which I got great assignments that brought inspiration with them.  (So much so that I did the one for my sister I shared last time).  I'm about to send those off so I can share them with you.  Another swap involved three separate projects.  I had started them but not gotten very far (enough so to make another project for my sister that you saw, the altered spoons).  I'm still finishing up the last spoon but there was a night when I was able to finish all the spots I signed up for!  When does inspiration ever hit like that?!?!? So I stayed up till 3 a.m. to finish!  I will share those soon, minus the chip clips because my sister will be getting some and I want her be surprised.  But today I will share the mini matchboxes I did for my secret sisters.  One of them loves zombies (hard for me since this is the one thing that legitimately freaks me out!) and the other one loves France and WW2.  I got creative with my banner punch and printed mini pins and posters for both.  I even made a "Zombie Antidote" jar I saw on Pinterest.  So enjoy the pics and I hope to post again soon with more projects and art journaling.

The package I received from my very first Secret Sister swap!

Zombie mini matchbox and goodies


WW2/France mini matchbox and goodies (including handmade Scrabble charm!)


Close up of Scrabble charm

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  1. I love the little popped up Daryl on the zombie box. Your swap sisters will be just as thrilled with them as I am with mine!