Saturday, May 10, 2014


The question mark is because I have had bursts of creative inspiration (thanks mostly to the swaps my sister has turned me on to) but I have had major stalls as well.  For instance I completed one more of the Journal 52 prompts which has me up to week 7...of 19! Sigh.  However I was inspired as I was making mini matchboxes and altered metal spoons for swaps to make some items for my sister who happens to have a new crush on Jensen Ackles.  They came out pretty cute and I plan on making a Jeremy Renner spoon for myself.  I did have a small celebration with my husband for Cinco de Mayo but all in all very mild.  In other exciting news my cousin had her baby and it was a girl ( I think I'm at a 97% success rate at guessing a baby's sex).  She's adorable and I hope my cousin doesn't mind me posting one little picture of Bug.  Well here's hoping for some creativity for one and all.

Week Six: The Lost Art of Love Letters

Jensen Ackles altered spoon

The altered matchbox with goodies including an altered scrabble charm

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Little one day old Bug

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