Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post Vacation Blues

As you may well remember I was very excited to go visit my sister and her family in their new home in Vancouver, Washington.  It's not been my favorite not being able to go see them whenever I want. However their new home is beautiful!  Truman and I also brought along with us the sunshine.  It rained the day before we got in and then decided to be sunny until the day after we left!  It made for a wonderful time since we wanted to go see some of the waterfalls in Portland as well as visit some breweries downtown.  We also had the chance to check out some great farmer's markets and the scenery was gorgeous!  Really sad our Roxy dog had to miss out.  Since returning home I've done nothing useful at all...hey I was already missing my family what can I say?!  However I did get a whole lot of cool stuff at an adorable antique shop in a little Washington town and at a craft store there too.  Guess I better get to using all the cool new stuff!

We spent three hours here

Truman at the Bridge of the Gods

Halen enjoying herself

Family picnic

One of the falls

Beer sampler at The Kells Irish Pub in Portland


My haul from the craft store, antique store, and farmer's market

A great old suitcase I got at the antique shop!  So excited to fill it with albums

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  1. Glad the suitcase made the trip home safely. Can't wait to see if filled with treasures. Promise I will send pictures soon. Finally got them uploaded.