Friday, June 28, 2013

Time To Launch?

So in just an hour or so I will be leaving for a blissful three day retreat here in T-Town to scrapbook until my hearts content!  But before I do that I must do as I promised and let you know that I have FINALLY posted a few items on my Etsy shop!  I know, I didn't think I would ever actually do it, but I put my fears aside and just ran with it.  Good or bad my creations are now out there in the universe.  There is a link off the the right to take you to the shop.  Another very exciting thing that is happening is that I have become an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields!  It's a skincare line with all sorts of good stuff that I am really loving using and just want to share with people.  Even Truman is excited and will be helping me do consulting and answering questions (it's for men to use too!).  I'm very new to the company but I do have my own website and of course e-mail for anyone interested in looking at the products or ordering.  Just send me a line if you have any questions and P.S. if you are interested the best way to order is to become a preferred customer which I can explain if you'd like to contact me.  I'm including a link under the Etsy shop link on the right to make it easy to get to.  So I hope everyone checks out my tiny little shop and enjoys their weekend as much as I'm going to!
One of the items on my Etsy shop

Tristan enjoying my Consultant fun box

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