Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Excited....

Sorry it's been so long!  So much has been going on, I think :-)  My computer broke not too long after my last blog post and I got it back a couple of weeks ago and I'm still trying to figure some stuff out since it needed to be cleared and completely updated. Truman had to go to Oklahoma City for work at the start of March and I tagged along so that we could visit my family in Tulsa. It was SO nice to see everyone, do some shopping, and some sightseeing including the OKC bombing memorial. We flew into a snowstorm and drove down to Tulsa in some serious snow but the next day it was clear and the snow took no time at all to melt. On the day we were set to fly home another storm came in and grounded all the planes so we got to spend an extra day there. I enjoyed it reading some new art journal books by the fire at our hotel. I guess what my family says about Oklahoma is true, "if you don't like the weather just wait a minute".
We made it home safely and the next big thing was St. Patrick's Day. Since it was during the week the hubby and I just decided to go down to our nearest dive bar, which happens to be Irish, for a beer and a bit of food then head home early. Well we stayed later than we planned after meeting new friends and enjoying the live band. The following weekend we had a lovely brunch with friends. The restaurant had a bloody mary cart that was quite amazing.
This past weekend we headed up to Phoenix to spend time with friends for birthday celebrations and take a trip to IKEA where I got a great new chair for crafting and added a few extras to the utility cart my sister got me a few weeks ago! Best sister ever and she sent me an amazing gift that got me wanting to do pocket pages! This was a new revelation that was difficult considering I'm mostly packed for the scrapbook retreat this weekend, though it gave me good practice at memorizing where I had what in my bags.  And that is why I'm getting excited, though I'm not feeling very prepared or creative. I'm hoping that it changes as soon as I start to load up the truck with all my scrap stuff.  Well I'm off to finish packing and I hope you enjoy your week and upcoming weekend as much as I plan to!

Myself and my second cousins enjoying some great food in Broken Arrow

Super cute shop in OKC

The Survivor Tree at the memorial

Enjoying my new book on our "extra" day in OKC

My love and I on St. Patrick's Day

New friends

Brunch with friends

At the brunch place

New Raskog cart!!!!!!

Super amazing pocket page from my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

A layout I forced myself to finish before I "allowed" myself to pack

My somewhat filled cart and new chair

The kitties new cat condo, they love it!

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