Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Retreat Excitement

I guess I'm just going to post every month and then post a ton of pictures! For the millionth time, sorry it's been so long. A lot has been happening in the last month. Lots of swaps, visits, and events. First off I received the last of my four month pocket letter swap with my new friend Shauna. As usual it was beautiful! She added the cutest charms and cupcake diecuts that were just adorable! We both enjoyed this last four months so much that we decided to continue swapping PL's on our own. I'll share the one I did for her for Halloween at the end of this post. I also received the first of the other two swaps I joined. One of them was Halloween, Fall/Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  The Halloween one was really cute and she used vintage images and spray ink which I LOVE! The other one was all about you. So our first subject was favorite movies. My partner was very creative and did an entire PL on You've Got Mail, one of the best movies! I got super creative on this one and I almost didn't want to send it away. But then they were my favorite movies and actors so that makes sense, right?!
Speaking of favorites, my sister visited for a week and we went to the scrapbook retreat which was a little piece of heaven! I love the retreat every year and am SO sad when it's over! I got more accomplished this time (a whole six pages ;-) ) and even won a prize. In fact all four of us won a prize at some point during the weekend. We all had special gifts we had made for each other too. My sister and I exchanged pocket letters with our fantasy movie husbands on them. I LOVE the one she made me! Every pocket opened up to more pictures of my man, drooling! I had a lot of fun with hers too. We also had new inspiration pages to display for the weekend. It was amazing and I highly recommend doing a retreat if you have a chance.
In other news Truman and I have been tailgating some more and celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. It was pretty low key just a nice dinner but I enjoyed the quiet and the delicious meal. Still crafting and getting ready for all the holiday and birthday fun that I hope ensues. I'll keep sharing though apparently just once a month ;-)

Sweets PL

Cute charm


Movie PL

Halloween PL I made

The PL before I cut it in pieces

The charm I attempted to make

The movie PL I made

The Jensen PL I made for my sister

Her goodies

The Renner PL my sister made me!

The inside pictures (sorry its upside down, stupid computer)

My sister arrived!

Me with some of the goodies I received, yes that's a Renner magnet

I shot of my workspace

My cousin and I enjoying our Saturday Blue Moon

Had to take a picture with my cousins ribbon collection

The decorate it yourself camera bag I won!

My Layouts

Last brunch before my sister headed home :-(

Roxy girl with her Halloween toy

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