Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Swapping It Up After Vacay

          We've been back from vacation for a little over a week and I must say I miss it. Truman was gone for quite a time as he attended ComiCon in San Diego for the first time ever. I met him up about a week later to spend a few days with him and a friend and family. I was only there for a few days but I had the best time, especially since I didn't have to drive! We went to the Safari Park and Disneyland. The tigers were AMAZING! But then it is my favorite creature in the world so I'm easily fascinated but they were roaming right by the windows and quite enjoying their very large enclosures. The gorillas were also very entertaining thanks to the adolescents and the baby. Then what can I say about Disneyland? It's one of my favorite places in the universe and it was the actual 60th birthday so it was MAGICAL! I really wish I could move in.
           While Truman was away I got to see my cousins who came for a day to attend the University of Arizona kicking camp. I loved having them in my hometown if only for a day. I also am not so secretly hoping that Chandler is recruited by and then attends my most fantastic UofA :-) If it's good enough for Bruschi and Gronk it has to be great, right?!
            Also while the hubby was away I was able to craft my heart out! I have signed up for probably too many swaps considering the retreat is in just a couple months and I really want to focus on prepping for that. I received the Winter in July theme pocket letter from my swap sister and it was so pretty! I finished the August pocket letter for my swap partner and have to say it's one of my favorites because I LOVED the theme. I also did a set of vintage style ATCs and fantasy themed ATCs. Then I made some paper beads, 3X5 tags and a vintage homemade embellishment! I still have one more months pocket letter to do for a swap and maybe a set of pockets for another swap (if that goes through) but I'm closer to being able to start prepping for the retreat in October! Oh and in the middle of that crafting I decided to make a special bookmark to send to a friend in her birthday card. I'll share photos below and I'm going to make you wait a few days for the pictures of the pocket letter swap my sister and I did. Enjoy!


Who doesn't love a lemur?!

Happy Birthday Disneyland!

Kicking camp with amazing people

Bookmark side 1

Bookmark side 2

Vintage ATCs

Fantasy ATCs

Paper beads

Homemade vintage embellishments

Front of Winter in July pocket letter

The goodies I received

The Things With Wings theme pocket letter for my swap sister

The goodies I included

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