Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life sometimes gets in the way...

I am well aware that living life is what makes creating art about it possible.  But sometimes I really wish the world would disappear for a week and all I had to do was create while someone periodically brought me food and coffee drinks.  Alas that is not the case so I'm trying to create things in between other obligations, like laundry, or weddings, or baby things (no not mine).  Of course me being me, I keep signing up for more projects on a particular swap because it just sounds fun so there!  Well here is a preview of a few of the projects I've done for said swap and here's hoping the rest will be completed tonight when a friend of mine is coming over to scrap.  We will see, I'm not very productive when others are here :-)  After that maybe I can finish up week 3 of the art journal challenge (seriously 4 weeks behind, or is it 5) then start packing for the next wedding and oh yeah take care of that baby I said I would...
And PS, thanks to my sister and her family for the pack of Valentines goodies!

Altered key

Made the labels with cardstock and a stamp

Punched a circle from pretty paper to make a charm

First try at a stuffed heart, think I like paper better

Yes, I like paper better

Sorry I forgot to take a picture pre-package

My favorite

My love and I at the wedding this past weekend

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  1. Your favorite paper heart is also my favorite. Love the keys too. How did you do the stitching on our favorite heart?